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When hearing the term streetwear, many people probably think of a guy in a t-shirt, baggy pants, and sneakers. However, women have always donned streetwear and played a significant role in the industry, even in its infancy. As streetwear became commercial, the market focused more on the young men dominating the culture. Thus, streetwear for women was often non-existent or an afterthought with limited availability.  Women resorted to buying men’s clothes in smaller sizes and making it work for their style. 

Over the years, there have been many female leaders in the industry. Yet, only recently have brands begun to cater to women’s interest in streetwear. They’ve recognized there is a significant opportunity to cater to the woman consumer. Much of that is due to the rise of social media in this digital age. There are so many women influencers, creatives, and businesswomen who now have the visibility they may not have had in the past. So as we near the end of Women’s History Month, we want to highlight some of those women in the industry leading the way and opening doors for brands like Mona Delano. View the list below.

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  1. Estelle Bailey-Babenzien - Co-owner of the brand Noah. Bailey-Babenzien is also the interior designer for the brand’s stores, and is involved in the brand messaging.

  2. Jascmeen Bush - Content Strategist for women’s streetwear brand Melody Eshani. Bush oversees marketing and social media. This could include anything from running photoshoots to communicating with influencers to running events.

  3. Mimi Choi - Brand Partnerships Director at Billionaire Boys Club. Choi oversees many of their biggest projects and collaborations.

  4. Beth Gibbs - Co-owner and Creative Director of Union. Gibbs also founded her own streetwear brand, Bephie, and is a costume designer.

  5. Jessica Gonsalves - Co-owner of Procell. Gonsalves handles the business and Brian Procell is the Creative Director.

  6. Ceilidh MacLeod - Digital Director at The Hundreds.  MacLeod oversees all digital platforms, including email newsletters, website, digital ads, and social media accounts.

  7. Sara Merabet - Buyer for RSVP Gallery, buying for both the Chicago and Los Angeles locations.

  8. Minya Oh - Better known as Miss Info, Oh, started out as a hip hop journalist, writing iconic reports and reviews for magazines, such as Vibe and The Source, starting rap blog missinfo.tv, and later being the News Director at Hot 97. In 2015, she transitioned into a new career as Style Director at Stadium Goods. On the surface it may seem like an odd transition, but to anyone involved in the worlds of Hip Hop and streetwear, the two are often closely related.

  9. Ariel Roman - Illustrator and Art Director at Noon Goons and Bephie (see Beth Gibbs above). 






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