About Us

Mona Delano (pronounced MONA DEL-UH-NO) is a lifestyle brand geared towards the chic tomboy. The term tomboy is usually associated with only baggy, loose-fitting clothing. We want to break out of that stereotype and redefine femininity. Mona Delano aims to target women who identify as tomboys but would still like to maintain feminine attributes. We want to create a brand for the women who don’t always take the “traditional” route. This includes the skater girls, the ballers, the gamer girls, the techie women, and the lady drummers…all of the women who don’t fit in that pristine box society created for us.

Mona Delano’s mission is to provide our customers with a wider variety of stylish clothing options.  We encourage people to think outside the box when it comes to women’s fashion and instill confidence in our customers’ style.

Why the flame lily?

The flame lily is a pretty yet poisonous flower. Flowers are associated with delicacy and beauty. However, the poisonous properties of the flame lily and its fiery aesthetic give this particular flower an edge. To us at Mona Delano, this represents the femininity blended with the rough exterior, real or perceived, of our customers, who we affectionately call flame lilies.

Flame Lily



We're just getting started. So join us on this journey as we continue to grow.

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